Article 1 - Establishment

The Intemational ICOMOS Committee on C U L T U R A L ROUTES (CIIC), (hereafter referred to as 'the Committee") is established in accordance with articie 14 of the ICOMOS Statutes (adopted by the 5th General Assembly) and the Eger principles for intemational scientific committees (adopted by the 10th General Assembly).

Articie 2 - Objective

The objective of the Committee is to promote, consistent with the aims of ICOMOS international cooperation, the identification, study and enhancement of cultural routes and their significance in relation to their main value as a whole, and in connection with the protection, maintenance and conservation of their monuments, groups of buildings, archaeological remains, cultural landscapes and sites, as they are connected through cultural values and historical links.

Article 3 - Activities

The activities to accomplish its objective shall be conducted in accordance with a triennial programme and shall include in particular but are not limited to

  • scientific conferences and workshops in conjunction with the meetings of the
  • study visits,
  • publications.
Article 4 - Members
  1. The membership is open to ICOMOS members with professional background and substancial experience in different areas related to this field in order to ensure a multidisciplinary approach, such as specialists in history, geography, archaeology, architecture's conservation, law, administration, documentation, cultural landscapes, economics, specialized engineers and scientists.


  2. Voting members are proposed by the National Committees or by members of the Bureau of the Committee and are admitted to the Committee by decision of the Committee subject to the ratification of the Executive Committee of ICOMOS according to article 14 (b) of the ICOMOS Statutes. The approval may not be refused without justification.


  3. There shall be normally only one voting member per country admitted to the Committee.


  4. Membership in the Committee is limited to a term of three years. A voting member of the Committee may normally not serve more than three consecutive terms.


  5. Should a voting member not attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee without due cause, the Bureau may ask the relevant National Committee to nominate a new voting member.


  6. Persons engaged in activities relevant to the object of the Committee may become associate members of the Committee on proposal of a member of the Bureau approved by decision of the Committee. Associate membership is also open to non-members of ICOMOS and to persons not meeting the criteria set out in Art. 4 (1).


  7. Honorary mernbers of the Committee may be appointed by decision of the Committee in recognition of the services they have rendered to the Committee and of their activities in favour of its objective.

Article 5 - Administration

  1. The Committee takes its decisions by majority vote of the voting members present at its meeting. Present at the meeting are also absent voting members who have given a proxy to voting members present. A voting member shall not represent more than two absent voting members. In case less than the majority of voting members is present at the meeting, a voting member can request that basic decisions be taken by postal vote.


  2. Meetings of the Committee shall be held annually. A written invitation by the Bureau should reach all members at least two months in advance of the meeting.


  3. Out of the voting members the Committee elects a President, three VicePresidents and a Secretary who form the Bureau for a term of office of three years. The Bureau shall represent in an equitable manner the different cultural regions of the word. If there are candidatures proposed by the voting members the election is held by postal vote at least three months prior to the meeting of the Committee in the election year under the supervision of a member appointed by the Bureau. Normally, postal vote is carried out by letter but if a voting member so decides a vote may also be sent by fax. If no candidaturas are submitted in time the election is held by secret ballot during the meeting of the Committee in the election year. The members of the Bureau may normally not serve more than three consecutive periods of office. Those terms shall be considered independently from any terms as a member of the Committee. The Bureau shall meet at least once a year. The Bureau is responsible for the preparation of the Committee's meetings, the implementation of the Committee's decisions, the preparation of the election process and the annual report (article 5 (7) ).


  4. The seat of the Committee shall be located in the country of which one of the members of the Bureau is a resident.


  5. English, French, Spanish and Russian are the official working languages of the Committee.


  6. In the year of the ICOMOS General Assembly the Committee shall draw up a triennial programme of activities which should include clear and precise objectives, a work programme and a budget with a financial plan. This programme shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee of ICOMOS at least three months prior to the date of the General Assembly.


  7. The Bureau shall draw up an annual report and submit it to the Committee and to the Executive Committee each year by March 31. This report shall include a list of members, the minutes of meetings of the Committee and of the Bureau, reports of symposia conducted by the Committee and progress made in respect of the objectives of the three year programme.
Article 6 - Financing
  1. The activities of the Committee shall be financed by funds allocated by ICOMOS from its annual budget, by funds obtained by the Committee on its own initiative, from international and national organizations including ICOMOS National Committees and by funds from any other source provided by way of gift, bequest, donation or sponsorship towards the achievement of the objective of the Committee.


  2. The members of the Comnittee obtain themselves the funds necessary to ensure their own participation in the activities of the Committee, especially their presence at meetings.


  3. The Committee shall draw up a budget and financial plan and shall maintain an appropriate record of all financial transactions. Each year it shall arrange for an audit statement of those transactions.

Article 7 - Miscellaneous

  1. The Committee shall conform to the laws of the country in which its seat is located.


  2. The Statutes may only be amended by 2/3 majority vote of the members of the Committee voting in a postal ballot subject to the approval of the Executive Committe of ICOMOS.


  3. Nothing in these Statutes shall be interpretad in a way which is inconsistent with the realization of the objective of the Committee. Any interpretation of those Statutes should be made in accordance with the Statutes of ICOMOS. Any disputes over the interpretation of the Statutes shall be arbitrated by the Executive Committee of ICOMOS.


  4. The Statutes enter into force with the approval by the Executive Committee of ICOMOS.